Thu, 1st Jul. 2010, 12:16

 My Gmail account got hacked.

Apologies if you received spam from my Gmail email address.

Thu, 17th Sep. 2009, 17:57

Some RSS feeds to LJ are apparently borked, including mine. So if you aren't seeing my blog posts, that's why. Go here to read my blog on WordPress, if you like.

Thu, 18th Sep. 2008, 18:07
Feed for my new Blog

Someone has very kindly added an LJ syndication feed for my new blog Out Here

Go here: to add the feed to your LJ friends page, if you like.

Fri, 12th Sep. 2008, 15:41
I have a new blog

Out Here

I'll still be using LJ to read my friend's posts, but from now on the bulk of my posting will be at the new blog. I'll be writing about homesteading, cooking & recipes, preserving, gardening/farming, crafting, witchcraft & natural magic, country living, planting trees, rearing livestock (including eventually killing animals for food), and so on. There will be lots of photos of life in our new home.

If this sort of thing interests you, please stop by. There are a few posts up already - arachnophobes be warned: one of them features a large colourful photo of a large colourful spider.

Fri, 12th Sep. 2008, 11:12
better late than really, really late

A belated thanks to the gang who did an absolutely FANTASTIC job of moving us out to Maxville almost two weeks ago:
the LJ-less Phil,
and Taras' mom & dad.

The tetris-packed truck was a work of art!

We're unpacking, and settling in, and exploring the area, and getting used to our new schedules, and meeting the neighbors, and relaxing, and having fun, and it's all going really, really well so far.

Mon, 8th Sep. 2008, 18:20

This is Paul, installing our fixed wireless Internet:

Thanks Paul!

Fri, 29th Aug. 2008, 20:04
initiate radio silence

I'm about to pack the modem & router, and so will be offline for the next 10 days or so, until Paul from RiverLink Wireless comes out to install a fixed access wireless receiver at the top of our new house's TV antenna.

See you on the other side.

Fri, 29th Aug. 2008, 01:01
Almost there

192 boxes packed.

We're close to done, but not quite where we wanted to be at the end of today (technically, the day I'm talking about ended an hour ago).

Tomorrow we go to Alexandria to sign the papers and get the keys. Then home to finish packing, etc.

Mon, 25th Aug. 2008, 12:22
Go ahead, take a guess

This weekend, as part of the Great Move, we returned all our beer bottles, and wrapped all our pennies.


  • Total (dollar value) of beer bottle refund (hint - includes the bottles from the last two Tarasmas extravaganzas) $42.80

  • Total (dollar value) of wrapped pennies (hint - according to our bathroom scale, the pennies weigh 39lbs) $62.50

    We still need to lug the pennies to our nearest bank...
  • Fri, 15th Aug. 2008, 10:07
    How I spent my morning


    ... on the phone with Bell Canada, trying to get them to agree that the house we are moving to actually exists, and that we can have a phone line there...

    So far I've been transferred once, and disconnected once... more to come, I'm sure...

    ETA: Waited ten minutes after being disconnected to see if they would call me back. They didn't. So now I'm speaking with a third helldesker

    FETA: Third time lucky. Nearly 40 minutes later, we have confirmation of a new phone number in Ontario. Next up: Hydro Quebec

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